How To Know When You’re Having A Stroke

We all know that strokes are a bad thing, but not everyone realizes exactly what they are, or how to tell if someone is having one. Recently, an intrepid Canadian woman who was convinced something was wrong made a selfie of herself during a stroke. If you want to see it, the video is posted below.

There are a few suggested ways to determine if you are having a stroke. One you can do quickly is called the FAST symptom checker. If you observe the fast symptoms, you should seek immediate help, as it might just save your life.

F: Face…is your smile drooping on one side?
A: Arms…does one arm drop to your side and become difficult to use?
S: Speech…is speech slurred or strange?
T: Time…don’t wait, get help now.

Another diagnostic tool is mentioned on WebMD. Their method takes only one minute, and it’s just three steps. First, check if smile is lopsided or one side of face is weak by smiling; second, see if you can raise both of your arms to the same height on each side; and third, try to repeat a simple sentence like “Don’t cry over spilled milk.” If you can’t do these things, you should be on your way to the hospital.

Before dismissing this pronouncement, it may be a good idea to understand why you should be going. When a stroke occurs, it usually means that you are not getting blood to the brain for some reason. Often, a blood clot may be the cause, and if so, might need to be removed or treated so that it dissolves. If not this, there could be other serious underlying medical issues that need to be addressed.

If you are experiencing a TIA, or transient ischemic attack, you may have many of these mini strokes but they are most likely leading up to the bigger deal. There are medicines and techniques you can use to prevent strokes and improve the discomforts of TIAs.

Symptoms can last for as few as three or four minutes or longer depending on the person. The real trouble is, not everyone experiencing a stroke might have them. As discussed in this article, Carrie Bekerman didn’t even realize her dizziness and inability to walk had anything to do with a stroke.

Here is the promised video below: