Legal Drinking Age To Be Changed To 25 By August 2014, Breaking News Is A Joke By ABC News

Leonardo DiCaprio

Most people here in the United States consider turning the age of 21 as a right of passage. Why? It is now the time someone can legally chug beer, sip wine, and shoot back shots. In short, it is the age people can legally purchase and indulge in alcoholic beverages. But if you follow the internet, that will no longer be true because the legal drinking age is to be changed to 25 by August 2014. It’s gotta be true, right? It was said on the internet, and everyone knows that once it is on the internet so it must be fact, right?

Fortunately for most, especially those who like their drinks hard and on the rocks, this happens to be just an internet hoax made to stir up the wiles of personal opinion. Prior to its discovery as a hoax, many who came across it read that the legal drinking age would be changed to 25 starting in August of 2014. According to an article by Traveler’s Today, the announcement stated that a lot of citizens have stated that the age of 21 isn’t mentally responsible to drink. Ergo, the legislation at the White House has come to an agreement to have the legal drinking age changed to 25.

The fact this is a joke is quite amazing considering how many people are willing to get up in arms. However, the original source is from ABC News, and for those who actually clicked the link, they will eventually find out they’ve been tricked all in good fun. The page first looks like a legit report, but a couple of seconds later, Leonardo DiCaprio is raising his wine glass while another note simply says the following, all in caps I might add:


I have to congratulate ABC on this, because right underneath the picture of Leonardo DiCaprio explains that more than 6 million people have already fallen for the joke, which is followed by a call to share it too just to trick your friends all in good natured fun. Honestly, maybe this joke is to put some humor pertaining to alcohol to politics or acting. Just here on The Inquisitr, we reported that Rick Perry compared homosexuals to alcoholics. We also reported that Daniel Radcliffe blames the stress from the Harry Potter Series for his drinking problem. All and all, alcohol – though technically far more dangerous than weed – can be used responsibly, such as the Geek Easy utilizing beer and saki to innovate the comic book shop experience.

Leonardo DiCaprio

So raise your glass up high and say cheers, salúd, gan pai, proust, or whatever exclamation for the celebration of a beverage of celebration in a Red Solo Cup brings. Now if only people actually followed the link to find out this was a joke, because the internet is filled with rabid people who think the legal drinking age changing to 25 is real… Either that, or maybe they are just trying to sell the joke.

[Images via The Great Gatsby movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio]