[NFL Free Agent] Detroit Lions Reach Deal With Linebacker Stephen Tulloch

It’s still an early acknowledgement but word has it that the Detroit Lions have reached an agreement with former Tennessee Titans linebacker Stephen Tulloch.

According to ESPN analyst Adam Schefter the Lions have agreed to pay Tulloch $3,250,000 for one year with a guaranteed payout of $1.8 million.

Speaking through his own Twitter account Tulloch thanking Titan fans and player for their great support over the last five years, he specifically thanked Courtland, Finnegan and Michael Griffin, saying he felt “forever indebted” to them.

It’s believed that he showed interested in Detroit when the team showed more interest in former Green Bay Packers linebacker Nich Barnett.

Detroit has made an effort to offer only one and two year contracts to player in order to field the best team possible for the franchise which has suffered greatly during the last several seasons.

The move also signifies Jim Schwartz’s belief that the Lions need a strong front seven on defense.