Massachusetts Man Accused Of Pouring Hot Sauce In Boy’s Mouth And Taping It Shut

A Massachusetts man is accused of putting hot sauce in the mouth of his girlfriend’s 3-year-old son and then taping it shut. Christopher Delcid pleaded not guilty to the assault and battery on a child and child abandonment charges and is being held on $250,000 bail.

The toddler was found alone in a hotel room in Danvers on Tuesday. The boy told police officers that the bruises on his body were inflicted by his “daddy.” According to police reports shared by Fox News, the little boy told investigators that Christopher Delcid beat him with both his belt and his shoe as punishment. The accused 21-year-old is not the child’s biological father.

Delcid’s defense attorney told the Salem News that his client had “alternate explanations” for the injuries to the toddler boy. The child’s mother may also be facing charges in the case.

When Massachusett’s police officers saw a bruise which covered the boy’s calf and asked how it happened, the child said, “Oh, Daddy hit me with a shoe.” When asked about the black and blue marks on his buttocks and side, the toddler told the officers about being hit with a leather belt for “being bad.”

The little boy further explained that the scratch across his cheek occurred when he tried to pull off the tape that the man he called Daddy had applied. When Danvers police officer Keith Chalmers inquired as to why tape had been placed across his mouth, the unnamed little boy said, “Daddy put hot sauce in my mouth and then put tape over it.”

Delcid is employed as a Chelsea Housing Authority maintenance worker and lives with his girlfriend and her three children in the hotel where the injured toddler was found. The boy’s mother, Katherine Rodriguez, may soon be charged with child abandonment and “permitting injury to a child.”

Prosecutor Lindsay Shaheen called the entire incident “disturbing.” She asked for $100,000 for Delcid, but the amount was raised by the judge hearing the case. Although Delcid’s defense attorney offered alternative explanations for how the child was injured, courtesy of statements made by both the mother and the suspect, no one reportedly explained why the toddler was left alone in the hotel room for an undetermined amount of time.

Massachusetts police officers were called to the hotel in the early afternoon after Christopher Delcid’s own sister had called to report abuse claims. State social services agencies routinely use the Danvers hotel to house homeless families.

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