Pregnant Bakery Worker Fired From Job After Owner Finds She Is Expecting!

Hope Burgos, like any other 25-year-old woman, was excited to find out that she was pregnant. However, the excitement turned into despair when she figured that her employer wasn’t particularly impressed by the fact that she was expecting. Burgos, who is pregnant with a baby girl and is due in September, was handed over a 10-page lawsuit by her employer for the “crime” of getting pregnant, reports PIX 11.

Hope worked at Corrado Bread and Pastry, located at Lexington Avenue in New York and was hired earlier this March. At the time, no one was aware of the fact that Burgos was pregnant. However, as the pregnancy advanced, it started showing. “I popped. My stomach started to show a little bit,” Burgos tells PIX 11.

Things started to take a bizarre turn after one of her co-workers allegedly put her hands on Burgos’ stomach and asked if she was pregnant. Burgos, who wanted all this to be private denied, that she was expecting. It didn’t end there. Hope Burgos claims that exactly a week after the aforementioned incident, she was confronted by the owner of Corrado himself, Aaron Matalon. The owner asked Burgos her if she was pregnant, in front of her colleagues and the store customers. At that time, Burgos who was caught in an uncomfortable situation, says she was forced to lie again.

Burgos said:

“How dare you confront me like that! It’s completely unprofessional. You know this is my personal business. You know he’s my boss. I was almost forced to have to lie because I felt like so uncomfortable with the situation.”

One week later, Burgos was approached by Matalon who handed over her a 10-page termination letter that told her that her employment was coming to an end. Ironically, while handing over the letter, Matalon did tell Burgos that she was a great worker but could not employ her simply because she was pregnant!

“He blatantly let me know that I was a great worker but that he no longer wanted me working in his establishment because I was pregnant.”

Meanwhile, the persistent folks from PIX 11 did catch up with Matalon to hear his side of the story. Surprisingly, he didn’t deny any of the claims by Burgos and also confirmed that the lawsuit is for real. He claims that Hope skipped work a few mornings — something that Hope Burgos denies. In his defense, he asked the reporter whether he would keep a pregnant camerawoman as a co-worker who may announce at the last moment that she wouldn’t be available for an assignment.

“Would you keep somebody working for you as a camerawoman pregnant that when you ready to go to assignment she’s not going to be available because she’s throwing up?”

At the same time, he adds that he doesn’t consider pregnancy to be an insult, a sickness or a problem. He also acknowledged that he did publicly ask Hope about if she was pregnant. Matalon believes there is nothing wrong in saying one is pregnant, in public.

Burgos and her lawyer claims that she didn’t miss work — but acknowledges that she did take two days off and had asked for it well in advance. She had also requested the organization not to put her on schedule for those two days where she had a doctor’s appointment. Burgos also says that she was never told that she had a problem with her attendance at Corrado.

Do you think it was correct of the owner to fire the woman just because she was pregnant?

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