Most Liberal And Conservative Towns In America [Study]

A study by the Clarity Campaign revealed the “Most Liberal and Most Conservative Towns” in the United States. A detailed map and an online tool guides users to find out more about the political make-up of their hometown, or to help them relocate to an area more receptive to their governing mindset.

Business Insider created a map of the reportedly most liberal towns and most conservative towns in the nation utilizing the Clarity Campaign study. Researchers used a short quiz asking each user seven identifying questions to compile the statistics and ultimately a determination about the political leanings of each town or city.

Questions posed in the Clarity Campaign most liberal and most conservative town study included:

1. Abortion should be legal and accessible to all women.
2. I identify with the Democrats more so than the Republicans.
3. Climate change is an immediate concern that must be addressed.
4. I attend religious services regularly.
5. The government should reduce the deficit primarily by raising taxes rather than cutting services.
6. There should be more restrictions on purchasing and carrying guns.
7. I prefer urban areas.

According to Business Insider, the political survey questions regarding church services attendance and enjoying being immersed in urban areas, were not included in the community scoring process. Exactly why they were omitted is not known. When utilizing the tool on the Clarity Campaign website, users can elect to not include an answer from any of the seven questions posed.

It is a common stereotype that conservative and Libertarian-minded individuals prefer rural areas, or at least the suburbs. Exit polls after state and national campaigns tend to agree with such an assessment. Democrats generally garner more votes from urban residents.

Excerpt from the Clarity Campaign website:

“We are a start-up founded in 2012, bringing together many years of expertise at ISSI, NCEC, Democratic state parties and national party committees. Our team has worked on races across the country, from the historic Obama for America campaign to Governor, Senate, and Congressional elections to local issue advocacy campaigns and everything in between. The new company provides fully integrated analytic solutions to Democratic campaigns, progressive non-profits, and socially responsible corporations.”

Once you go onto the Clarity Campaign website, you choose a state before answering the questions which are supposed to determine you political persuasion. The online tool then tells you which city best fits your voting personality and gives you a few details about the municipality. A chart beneath a map of the chosen town shows in percentages where other residents fell on the spectrum when answering the same questions.

Some who have utilized the tool have taken exception to disagreeing with the extreme climate change threat question and then being essentially labeled “anti-environment” in the results. Those who answered yes to the climate change questions are shown in a “pro-environment” category on the percentage chart.

What do you think about the most liberal and most conservative towns in America survey and results?

[Image Via: Business Insider]