Kate Gosselin Revolt: Mady Tells Mom She’s Had It On ‘Kate Plus 8’ Special

TLC is airing a two-part special called Kate Plus 8, and it looks like some of what viewers will see is a Kate Gosselin revolt by the kids. The older twins, Cara and Mady, already had a rough outing during a live Today show appearance a while back, and a preview from Radar Online shows there’s more where that came from.

The Kate Plus 8 spoiler preview shows Gosselin talking to the kids about their upcoming birthday party. Kate wants to make it a grand carnival, but the kids aren’t initially thrilled with the idea. As several point out, they already had a carnival for an earlier birthday party. That doesn’t stop the mom of eight, however.

The sextuplets are resistant enough, but then the big moment of the Kate Gosselin revolt comes about that has everybody buzzing. Mady says that it’s not her birthday, so she doesn’t care, and even if it were her birthday, she still wouldn’t care. She goes on to say, “This is stupid, this isn’t fun.” She storms off as Kate rolls her eyes.

While some are interpreting Mady’s outburst as being about filming the show, it seems that it’s probably related to the birthday party. When Kate Plus 8 airs in full, the teen’s meaning should become clear. Another portion of the preview shows Mady displaying a lot of teen angst while Cara just stays quiet and looks down in her lap or at her hands. Some might say that the kids really appear to prefer to live their lives quietly, away from the cameras, but of course, Kate tends to argue that this isn’t the case.

As People shares, the Gosselin carnival-themed birthday party did come to fruition and TLC’s cameras were rolling. Kate said she wanted a party everybody would remember and it seems she accomplished that. The reality TV star dressed as a clown for the party, and she says the event marked “10 years of survival, health, happiness and the blessing of the best kids a mom could ever ask for.”

It certainly doesn’t appear that this special will be entirely filled with laughter, love and togetherness as some of the show’s early seasons were. According to sources for Radar Online, however, Kate just doesn’t care. That won’t come as a surprise to her critics, who think she will do just about anything to stay on television or in the public eye.

Just how bad will the Kate Gosselin revolt by the kids be? Everybody will find out when the two-part special of Kate Plus 8 airs on TLC on Thursday, June 19 and Thursday, June 26.

[Image: Reality Tea]