Orphan Black S2 Finale Teaser Leaked!

Saturday night brings the season finale of Orphan Black S2, and fans who are up to date already know… spoilers ahead!

When the penultimate episode of Orphan Black concluded last week, we were briefly teased with the developments to come in the final episode of season two.

Among them were Sarah Manning’s ostensible surrender to the Dyad Institute (and “proclone” Rachel Duncan, one of this season’s big bads) in exchange — we hope — for the return of daughter Kira to foster mom Siobhan Sadler, AKA Mrs. S.

In the above trailer, we see a few events from Saturday’s episode unfolding — and today’s teaser goes a bit further.

After last week’s episode (“Things Which Have Never Yet Been Done”), all our favorite characters were left in a pretty stressful transition period. Sarah, Mrs. S, and Felix were panicking over Rachel’s abduction of Kira in a shocking turn that saw Rachel impersonating Sarah… rewatches revealed that her skills posing as her clone weren’t perfect. (But like both Felix and Mrs. S, we were totally fooled.)

Kira was also in a terrible spot — imprisoned like Rachel before her at Dyad, in a sterile pink room that looks a lot like an adult’s idea of a kid’s ideal room. And while Kira has warmly accepted all her mother’s clones, including the somewhat scary “seestra” Helena, she was markedly made uneasy by Duncan.

Uncle Fe was feeling incredibly guilty, despite having taken a tranq needle to the neck by Rachel-as-Sarah.

Allison was coasting, but barely so, as both she and Donnie were concealing murders and working to elude discovery. (That freezer scene, though.)

And Cosima… oh, Cosima. Rapidly succumbing to Unspecified Fatal Clone Wasting Syndrome, she’s not only facing death. We don’t yet know whether her monitor-cum-lover Delphine deliberately betrayed the Clone Club in setting Kira’s kidnap up for Rachel, but the finale trailer suggests that as Cosima’s condition worsens quickly, the pair are separated.

Now Orphan Black‘s S2 finale, “By Means Which Have Never Yet Been Tried,” has been teased over at BuzzFeed via BBC America. And as Sarah is brutally examined and questioned by captors we can only guess represent Dyad, Rachel, or both, one of the season’s themes comes back sharply into focus.

The biggest tidbit it seems comes in the form of questions barreled at a quietly crying Sarah as she’s stripped and probed. In this season’s later episodes, it became rapidly clear that Rachel’s biggest frustration with both her lot in life and her beef with Sarah was Kira — and after her adoptive dad and clone designer Ethan Duncan reveals that the girls were made sterile by design, Rachel flips her lid in private.

During a questioning session, she grills her father as to why Sarah (who she describes as a “tramp”) retained the ability to bear a child — which is when he drops the bombshell about Sarah and her biological sister/clone Helena’s “faulty” fertility.

In the Orphan Black finale spoiler released today, one part in the middle stands out amid the clones’ constant issues with motherhood. Sarah reluctantly admits having terminated a pregnancy, which seems like a thing that could enrage Rachel further. What did you get from this teaser?