Willow and Jaden Smith Sleep With What?: You’ll Never Guess What They Sleep With

Willow and Jaden Smith have been the center of controversy over the past month. When the infamously questionable picture surfaced of 13-year-old Willow in bed with 20-year-old actor, Moises Arias, the media immediately began to question the parental stature of Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith.

As a matter of fact, the picture caused so much controversy that the Los Angeles Department of Child Protective Services reportedly stepped in to investigate the situation. As if the bed debacle wasn’t enough, now there’s another allegation running rampant. Several news outlets have reported that although the “Whip My Hair” singer may not be sleeping with an older man, there is something she and her brother sleep with – snakes!

According to Fox News, Willow and her 15-year-old brother actually find solace in sleeping with their pet snakes. The two teenagers are reportedly “obsessed with snakes.” An insider close to the famous family shared a few details about their love for their unconventional pets. Willow, who reportedly got her first boa constrictor back in 2008, actually has a total of 10 snakes now.

”[She is] obsessed with snakes. She has 10 sleeping in her room, and some aren’t in cages!,” the source told US Weekly.

The source also stated that Jaden actually refers to his snakes as his “girlfriends.” ”They slither into his bed and curl up with him!”

Its unclear were the rumor originated. However, one media outlet reported that the small bit of information was leaked from the CPS investigative reports. A source stated that Willow was interrogated by social workers, which is how the news about their snake obsessions surfaced. ”Willow was questioned on two separate occasions by social workers from Child Protective Services. Once in the presence of her parents, and the second time, Willow was alone with the social workers.

On Wednesday, June 18, it was reported that Will and Jada were cleared by Child Protective Services. There was reportedly “no indication of wrongdoing or negligence.” However, the most recent allegations still leave many to question the couple’s parental values.

Would you let your children sleep with snakes?

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