Harrison Ford Injury Update: Left Leg Broken, Recovering From Surgery, Publicist Confirms

Patricia Didelot

At first many were joking about the injury Harrison Ford suffered while on the set of Star Wars Episode VII. It ends up, the situation was more serious than we thought and the actor suffered a broken left leg, his publicist confirmed.

The 71-year-old original cast member, who reprises his role as Han Solo, from the sequel trilogy, was hurt while working next to his character's spacecraft, the Millennium Falcon on a sound stage. Ina Treciokas, Ford's U.S. publicist issued the following statement on the star's condition after surgery to his leg:

"Harrison Ford's left leg was broken in an accident. His surgery was successful and he will begin rehab shortly. He's doing well and looks forward to returning to work."

Harrison Ford's wife, Calista Flockhart, rushed to the U.K. -- where Star Wars Episode VII is being filmed -- to be her husband's side, as soon as she learned the news. The accident happened on June 12, at Pinewood Stydios and initially Disney announced that the setback would not alter the filming schedule.

However, this may not be the case, as Ford 's injury is expected to keep him out of action for about eight weeks, according to reports floating around on the internet. It has been previously reported that he had broken an ankle, when one of the hydraulic doors from the Millennium Falcon fell on him.

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Disney has not announced any delay in the filming of Star Wars Episode VII at this time, but there are some indications that the production could be affected. A source involved with the film told The Hollywood Reporter that the timetable is "as many as eight weeks."

There are some contradicting reports out there though and, as is usual with non-official news, speculation about Harrison Ford's injury is rampant. For example, the British news outlet Sky News claims that Lucasfilm is ready to announce "some good news soon" as far as the actor is concerned.

It is ironic that Harrison Ford suffered such a freak injury and broke his leg while standing next to the Millennium Falcon. The actor is known for doing his own stunts successfully in action films such as the Raiders Of The Lost Ark series and Expendables.

It remains to be seen if Harrison Ford's injury will actually set the release date of December 18, 2015 back. Star Wars Episode VII will be the first installment of the multi-million dollar franchise not to open in May.

[Image via Lucasfilm]