Justin Bieber Gets Rock’n’ Roll Love From Iggy Pop In Amnesty Torture Campaign

Under torture, Iggy Pop proclaims, “The future of rock ‘n’ roll, it’s Justin Bieber,” in a new Amnesty International Ad campaign for the organization’s “Stop Torture” drive.

Justin Bieber gets namechecked by rocker Iggy Pop in a new Belgian Amnesty International campaign, seeking to raise awareness of and stop torture.

The campaign tag line:”Torture a man and he will tell you anything” is the premise for Iggy’s statement which appears under the ad poster of the battered and beated iconic musician.

Iggy’s caption reads, “The future of rock ‘n’ roll, it’s Justin Bieber.”

An explanation for the clearly untrue declaration then states: “In addition to being inhumane, torture is ineffective. Let’s stop it.”

Other names featured in Belgium branch of Amnesty’s “Stop Torture” campaign are fashion designer Karl Lagerfield and the Dalai Lama.

Both take a turn in the make-up chair and emerge looking profoundly worse for wear on their posters, which feature double-take punches just like Iggy’s Bieber-loving decree.

Poster of Iggy Pop

(Photo: Iggy Pop’s Amnesty “Stop Torture” Campaign poster: captioned: “The future of rock ‘n’ roll, it’s Justin Bieber.)

Ergo, Lagerfield’s caption reads: “The height of elegance is a Hawaiian shirt with flip-flops,” while the exiled Tibetan leader’s says, “A man who does not have a Rolex watch at 50 years old has failed in his life.”

Referring to the campaign, director of Amnesty International’s French Belgian wing, Philippe Hensmans, explains: “We can’t imagine Iggy Pop saying that Justin Bieber is the future of rock’n’roll,” adding that it illustrates the kinds of distorted confessions torture produces.

“Governments that use torture… claim these techniques give them precious information, but history has shown that tortured people are usually willing to say anything at all to make the pain stop.”

So far, Amnesty’s arresting campaign has extended to distributing leaflets in Belgian cities and uploading the posters online.

“We thought it was a quirky but un-maudlin way to attract attention to a tragic reality that often happens in secret,” Hensmans explains.

What would Bieber think about it all? Well, the much-in-the-news singer has rather a lot on his plate at the moment.

In addition to getting over an N-word debacle after two very old videos were published by a UK tabloid, following two apologies the 20-year-old has been spending days and night in the studio and reuniting with on-again, off-again girlfriend, Selena Gomez.

However, it’s likely the Canadian won’t mind being shouted-out by Iggy. After all, it is all in the name of Amnesty’s Stop Torture campaign.