Tiger Woods Bags New Endorsement Deal With MusclePharm

The past few years hasn’t been too kind to Tiger Woods. In the sport of golf he was revered as the best in his game from a very young age, and his winning streak seemed never-ending, that was until he found himself on the other side of a huge cheating scandal. As if overnight Woods’ endorsement deals flew out the window and his reputation waned which affected his game.

For a while now Tiger Woods has been trying to return to a time when he was known as the golden boy of a sport he single handedly owned, so the news that he’s scored an important endorsement deal with MusclePharm isn’t much of a surprise. The Denver-based corporation includes Woods’ own line of nutrition products.

Brad Pyatt, the chairman and CEO of MusclePharm was very excited to usher in the deal with Tiger Woods. Of the endorsement and the visibility Tiger gives to the company, Pyatt said:

“We are excited to work with Tiger to bring more attention to nutritional science and how it can enhance strength and overall athletic performance, and most importantly, fuel athletes safely.”

In addition to the endorsement, the contract will also sponsor Woods’ golf bag.

According to Golf.com Tiger Woods’ endorsement deal starts on July 1, but it isn’t yet known when anyone will see the golf bag. As stated, Woods hasn’t been the face of golf for some time. In fact, the last time he was seen playing was back in March at Doral. Following his outing he had back surgery, which meant he did not participate in the Masters or the U.S. Open, which are two hugely televised events for the sport.

While no one really knows if Woods’ swing will ever return to what it was, his agent Mark Steinberg is optimistic about his recovery, and its been hinted that he might be ready in time for the British Open.

“Yes, he is swinging more freely. Yes, he is expanding the range of his swing each day. That’s a natural progression. He was never going to go from babying sand wedges 50 yards to teeing it up in competition. Because he’s feeling very good, each day is a step toward an expansive swing. As soon as he’s good for a number of days, and gets material reps at full-go mentality and physicality, he’ll have a green light.”

As for his endorsement deal MusclePharm will replace Fuse Science, which Tiger has been with since 2011.

Of the particular appeal to MusclePharm Steinberg said:

“The attraction is they’re a company about the athlete and helping the athlete perform better.”

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