Angie Martinez Has Left Hot 97: Is She Moving To The Competition?

Angie Martinez, dubbed ” The Voice Of New York,” made the shock announcement on Wednesday that she is resigning from the radio station Hot 97.

Martinez, 43, a former rapper and actress, became a DJ focusing on hip-hop on Hot 97, and hosted an afternoon show. The show was consistently voted #1, with more young listeners than any other radio program in the U.S.

Angie posted the news on Instagram saying:

“This was one of the toughest decisions I’ve ever had to make, but ultimately it is time to move on, to grow and to be challenged in new ways. Saying goodbye is always emotional and bittersweet but I am extremely excited about the future.”

She didn’t give her fans much advance warning as she announced: “Today will be my last show.”

The radio station gave no indication of what had led to this seemingly sudden parting of the ways and simply thanked Martinez for more than 20 years of service. Somewhat formerly, the station issued a statement saying, “She exemplified professionalism and passion for music. We thank her deeply for her commitment to hip hop, radio, and broadcasting.”

This could be an indication that the rumors that have been circulating about Angie Martinez shifting her allegiance to the competitive radio station Power 105 have some basis.

Angie’s show, “Afternoon Drive,” has featured interviews with some of the biggest names in entertainment, and particularly hip-hop. Jay Z, Kanye West, Kim Kardashian and Derek Jeter, to name but a few, have all been guests on her show. And even President Obama, when he was campaigning back in 2008, also called her up on air.

So, what does the future hold for Angie Martinez? Well, if the tweet posted by Power 105 featuring smiling emojis is any indication, expect another announcement from Angie any time soon. Meanwhile, Power 105 are being tight lipped and refusing to comment.