Harry Styles Spotted With ‘Mystery Woman’ At Swedish Nightclub

Harry Styles and the One Direction fellas recently played a show in Sweden, an event that reportedly ended with a trip to an area nightclub.

While that really isn’t news in and of itself, what happened during Styles’ trip to the Swedish club seems to have caused a fair amount of drama online. Since Harry’s romantic adventures qualify as news in certain circles, quite a few people want to know who the singer was hanging out with after the concert.

According to the Mirror, Harry Styles was reportedly spotted getting cozy with a so-called “mystery woman” at the Collage Nightclub last Friday (June 13). Someone armed with a phone managed to snap some fuzzy photographs of the singer and his female friend, a few of which eventually found their way onto the internet.

Have a look Harry and his “mystery woman” below.

So who’s is the lucky woman wrapped in Harry’s arms? Nobody seems to know at the moment. However, chances are there are plenty of female One Direction fans out there who wouldn’t mind swapping places with the girl. Twitter is practically stuffed to overflowing with folks who are completely obsessed with getting a hug from the guy.


I want to hug someone. Specifically Harry Styles and his pretty little hips and his arms and his legs and his neck and his body and aw :(

— ✧*。 phoenix 。*✧ (@_trippyclifford) June 18, 2014

I just want to kiss and hug Harry Styles and tell him I love him

— Hi Jacob (@shrinkingstyles) June 16, 2014

Harry Styles’ love life is a popular topic of conversation these days. BREATHEcast recently dug around for a different scoop about the singer’s romantic leanings, an expedition that unearthed a nugget of gossip regarding Styles and Niall Horan’s sister Gemma. In short: There’s love in the air. Then again, maybe not.

An anonymous source explained:

“Harry thinks Gemma’s had a crush on Niall for a while. At first, they were just mates, but as they got to know one another recently, they’ve become more relaxed in each other’s company and it seems it’s turned into her fancying him.”

Are you as obsessed with Harry Styles’ love life as the rest of the internet? Who do you think the singer was hugging in Sweden?

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