Jillian Michaels Poses Nude At Age 40, Says She Looks 'Better Now Than I Ever Have'

Nathan Francis

Jillian Michaels is posing nude in the latest issue of Shape magazine, saying at age 40 she is in the best shape of her life.

The trainer who gained fame on the NBC reality competition The Biggest Loser, Michaels said she went through a bit of a crisis when she turned 40 this year and realized she was halfway through her life. But not long afterward, came to another realization --- that she was in better shape now than 10 or even 20 years ago.

"Yes, I'm older, but I'm also wiser, and that's a more intrinsic type of beauty," Michael said in an interview with the magazine.

Michaels has two daughters with partner Heidi Rhoades, and said her family helps keep her motivated to stay in shape.

"It's important for women to have overall strength, because when you feel physically powerful, it transcends into every facet of your life," she says, adding, "The best thing about having strong arms is because I love to pick up my kids."

Jillian Michaels appears fully nude in the magazine, showing off a supremely toned body. But even Jillian admitted that she has some problem areas.

"We all store fat somewhere," she explains. "Some of us are proportionately balanced, some are apple-shaped. Me? I carry all my weight in my lower body."

"No matter how lean I get or how many squats or lunges I do, I always feel like my butt carries extra weight," she continues. "But what I finally realized is that you can't have it all. Do I want a better butt? Sure, but I'm healthy and can wear my skinny jeans, and that's good enough!"

Jillian has always been open about her body and the idea of perfection. In an interview with The Huffington Post earlier this year, she said the most important thing is to be true to yourself.

"I'm hugely imperfect. But with that said, I win more than I lose… The one true obligation you have is to be your best self — that's when your kids will be happiest," Michaels explained during the interview.

But Jillian Michaels also said having kids means making certain sacrifices when it comes to yourself --- something she does happily.

"I used to think you could, but you can't. I didn't understand that something has to give. Now friends will go to Vegas for the weekend and we're like, 'Take pictures.' When Lu looks at me and goes, 'Mama, I love you!' I go, 'Fft. Who needs Vegas?' " she told Redbook in 2012.

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