Rob Morrison Arrested: 121 Phone Calls To Wife Ashley Morrison Over Holiday Weekend Prompts Charges

Rob Morrison was arrested for allegedly harassing his wife Ashley

Rob Morrison was arrested Monday for allegedly violating a protective order regarding his wife Ashley Morrison. The former WCBS News anchor has been charged with second-degree harassment and criminal violation of a protective order.

The Darien Times shares that Rob Morrison was arrested after his wife Ashley went to the Darien police on May 25 over the alleged harassment. She was said to be “physically shaking,” and reports indicate she told police she was worried that her husband might kill her if he got in trouble again as a result of her pursuing help.

The former anchor is said to have called his wife, a former CBS Money Watch anchor, 121 times over the course of a few days. The calls were made to both her residence and her cellphone. His lawyer, Frank DiScala, says that there should have not been any charges filed.

DiScala claims that the two “had a discussion that didn’t go the way people would like a discussion to go,” and that the two were talking about a possible relocation. DiScala says that Ashley was not concerned for her life, adding, “Even if that’s what she said – people do get emotional.” He says the two have “been getting along great” and there were no violent threats. Morrison’s lawyer went so far as to say that “This couple needs to be left alone.”

As many may remember, Rob Morrison was arrested for allegedly choking his wife in February 2013. Morrison went through a family re-entry program and the charges were reduced. The couple reconciled last summer, but there was still a protective order in place. The two were allowed to spend time together, but he was not to engage in any type of harassing activity.

According to the Connecticut Post, Judge Erika Tindall has issued a protective order that is now more restrictive. Morrison cannot contact, interfere with, follow, or harass Ashley, though the order does not extend to the couple’s son Jack. The former anchor will return to court on July 15 to be arraigned.

Though Ashley Morrison indicated that her husband said he would keep calling her and she would “never get rid of him,” she later apparently became irate and didn’t want any charges pursued. Rob Morrison now says that Ashley insisted on discussing the couple’s possible relocation, and he tried not to engage in the conversation due to their son being present. He says she became aggressive and she soon ordered him out of the house.

After that, Ashley Morrison allegedly cut off contact with her husband, and he “became concerned.” He says he was worried about their son, and so he “tried like h*ll to get in touch with her.” Supposedly by the end of the weekend, the two had worked through things, and he didn’t know she had gone to the police until Ashley called to tell him there was a warrant for his arrest.

What comes next for this couple now that Rob Morrison was arrested for violating the protective order? The two may have reconciled, but many others find the situation quite unsettling. Here’s hoping the two can indeed work through their issues safely and without any further harassment or possible violence.

[Image: Stamford Advocate]