Andressa Urach: Nude Model Stalks 2014 World Cup Player Cristiano Ronaldo While Naked [Photos]

Patrick Frye

Andressa Urach is apparently Cristiano Ronaldo's super fan. But apparently the Brazilian nude model has taken her fandom to a whole new stalker level, and managed to get kicked out of Portugal's soccer practice for the 2014 World cup even though she had a media credential.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, Cristiano Ronaldo's injury may pull him out of the 2014 World Cup, and there's even fears that his career may be over.

Finding photos of Andressa Urach nude is not hard at all. In fact, trying to find a photo of her fully clothed seems to be the hard part. Even with internet search filters turned on, my image searches turned up photos of Andressa Urach naked at carnivals, beaches, malls, parties, and she even pulled a Kate Upton on a horse. Urach's nudeness is so overwhelming that she might want to consider changing her legal name to "Undressa" as a joke. So perhaps it is with no surprise that if she were to stalk Ronaldo, then it would be in the buff.

Now Urach claims that last year she slept with Ronaldo before Real Madrid's Champions League clash with Borussia Dortmund back n 2013. Cristiano, for his part, denies having sex with her, and claims he was busy doing an interview at the time. While there is no way to determine if she is making this up or if it is just an internet rumor, we do know she has been shadowing the soccer player around the world.

So far, the 2014 World Cup has had Urach chasing after the Portugal team in their hotel last week when they visited Brazil. As might be expected, nudity was involved and Andressa Urach's body paint job had her topless while wearing a painted version of Ronaldo's Portugal jersey.

Normally, body paint usually does such a good job of hiding certain details that we can post the photos unedited. But in her case...

But Urach hijinks did not stop there. When she went to Moisés Lucarelli Stadium in Campinas for the team's practice, she was forcibly removed by security. She told her side of the story on Instagram:

"I came to say good luck to the C7 and got kicked out of the field, took my press pass, as if I'd blame everything! I came to the field to # # muitoshow RedeTV because my "Director" sent!! Lol just laughing can't have freedom of expression."

What do you think about Andressa Urach stalking after Cristiano Ronaldo?