June 18, 2014
Man Kicked 2-Year-Old Amina Agboola So Hard, Her Liver 'Broke In Half'

Amina Agboola, a two-year-old girl, was killed by her mother's boyfriend last November.

This week, 19-year-old Dean Harris, having already confessed to manslaughter, was found guilty of murder after the prosecution proved he kicked the little girl so hard that her liver literally broke in half.

The murder occurred in Peterborough, England, where Amina lived with her mother, 29-year-old Sarah Racqueman, who was cleared of any wrongdoing.

Racqueman had left Agboola alone with Harris, who took the action to punish the child for "repeatedly soiling herself," court documents state.

The BBC adds that paramedics, who responded to a 999 call made by Harris, described Amina as looking "like a rag doll" when they arrived.

Harris' first reaction was to tell paramedics that Agboola had fallen off the toilet. Soiled diapers and other clothing found at the house, however, were ultimately found to contradict the man's story.

Cambridgeshire Police attained a confession. From the letter:

"... I was already in a standing position, and the next thing I knew I had kicked her in the stomach. She had gone backward and landed on her front about six feet away. I realized what I had done and went to pick her up. She was crying at this point, and I could tell that it had wounded her because of the way she was talking. I picked her up to comfort her, I checked her stomach to see if she was o.k. I held her in my arms for around three minutes until she stopped crying. When I went to put her down on the floor to further see if she was o.k., I noticed that she had become limp. I then panicked.... Everything else that happened after this point, the phone calls, The ambulance is well documented. I only wish I could take all this back but I can't so I hope the family can find some closure."
Amina's mother told the court a social worker had warned her of Harris' history of domestic violence. Ultimately, she gave him "the benefit of the doubt," because she believed "in second chances," according to the Mirror UK.

Prosecutors said Agboola's liver had been split in two by the kick and there was evidence of older injuries on her body including a recently broken arm, bruises to her face and skull, and bite marks on her cheek and forearm, the BBC added.

Sentencing has not been set forth at this time.

Do you think the murder of Amina Agboola was as "accidental" as Dean Harris "confessed"? How would you sentence him for the crime?