[Rumor] Crytek working on brand new first-person shooter IP?

Crytek is hard at work on Ryse, a Kinect-exclusive first person hack-‘n’-slash for the Xbox 360 using the studio’s signature CryEngine, but it looks like they may have something else up their sleeve.

Internet sleuth extraordinaire Superannuation managed to spot something interesting in Crytek developer David Ramos’ resumé from LinkedIn. Ramos had apparently done work on an all-new first-person shooter IP that Crytek is working on behind the scenes.

Beyond that, little else is known. Ramos had the title as “TBA” for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC, but that’s about as far as the information goes.

You can slap a big rumor tag on this one for now, but it may be worth keeping in mind that Superannuation’s expert sleuthing skills haven’t turned up very much bogus information in the past. That, and the idea of Crytek making another first-person shooter isn’t exactly the most far-fetched thing in the world.