June 18, 2014
WWE News: Second Ladder Match Confirmed For Money In The Bank PPV

There were a lot of rumors regarding WWE's Money in the Bank PPV that will take place next week. The main issue at first was the status of Daniel Bryan. WWE wanted him to be at the PPV, but health wise he simply was not ready for it. The second issue was, after Bryan could not attend the PPV, what to do with the WWE World Heavyweight Title.

WWE decided to make the current Money in the Bank match the WWE World Heavyweight Title match, which would allow for them to have a title match along with keeping it exciting. The issue then was that WWE would not have a briefcase holder. This is usually given to a person to help build them up for a World Title opportunity. By the time they win it, they are usually over enough to do great things with the World Title they happen to hold.

The briefcase also sometimes can help a storyline with a faction, or simply help someone break-out and become a main event player. People such as CM Punk and Edge benefited greatly from the MITB case. This meant that WWE needed to have two ladder matches at the Money in the Bank PPV. One for the title, and one for the case.

We've seen two ladder matches each year, one was for the RAW World Title while the other was for the SmackDown one. Of course, the brand split ending pretty much meant that, color coding wise, one was for the WWE Title and the other was for the World Heavyweight Title.

After WWE put the two titles together to form the WWE World Heavyweight Title, it pretty much meant that only one ladder match was needed for the one briefcase.

Daniel Bryan

Once Daniel Bryan went down, WWE had to change the existing one. That meant no briefcase....but better heads prevailed as WWE announced two matches WILL take place at the Money in the Bank PPV.

Specifically, Seth Rollins announced it Live on WWE Main Event, stating that he had it on good authority he would be in the second one. Triple H confirmed on WWE.com today that there will, in fact, be two ladder matches, and Rollins will be part of the second one. We now know as well that the contenders for the briefcase will be announced on WWE RAW this Monday.

A lot of names are in consideration for it. Many want to see Bad News Barrett in there, Dolph Ziggler, and many more. Obviously if Seth Rollins is in, Dean Ambrose should be there, too. Many think that Rollins could be favored to win in some way, as it would allow him to turn face down the line when Randy Orton is champion. If that happens, it could be an interesting run for him.

Some are under the impression that one spot will be left open and a "surprise" entrant will be found out at the event. Many think it could be Daniel Bryan who comes out and steals the case to then use it when he is healthy. Obviously no one would know when he would do it, and it's basically a guarantee that he will be champ again. Bryan has been a Money in the Bank winner before. So it should come as no shock that he knows how to properly work the system.

Many considered it to be possible that WWE would do such a thing, as they want Bryan to be at the event but also realize he cannot do a whole lot while hurt. However, WWE may not go this direction. With only one week left to build up to the event, it would make sense for WWE to only announce a few on RAW then leave one spot open. We will have to see what WWE does on RAW this Monday. The only thing for certain is that a second Money in the Bank match will happen.

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