November 18, 2016
Mommy Blogger Lacey Spears Pleads Not Guilty To Son's Murder

Mommy Blogger Lacey Spears faced the court yesterday to enter a plea of 'not guilty' regarding the accusation of murder in the case of her five-year-old son, Garnett. Prosecutors, however, believe that the mother used sodium to poison the little boy, leading to his death. Spears is believed to suffer from what's known as Muchausen's by proxy, in which a person intentionally makes someone else sick, often a child, in order to gain attention and sympathy.

Lacey Spears, Mommy Blogger, is accused of murdering son Garnett

According to CBS New York, an attorney entered a 'not guilty' plea for Spears on Tuesday, with Lacey herself not speaking except to answer in the affirmative when the judge asked her to identify herself. Spears is alleged to have dosed her child with deadly amounts of sodium, even giving the heavy salt through Garnett's feeding tube while he was hospitalized.

CBS New York also notes that Spears is said to have called a neighbor and asked her to dispose of Garnett's feeding bag shortly before his death and that her computer records show searches to determine what effects such heavy doses of sodium would have on the child.

Lacey Spears' Son Garnett, in 2012

Lacey is said to have used Facebook, Twitter, and a blog to share the story of her son's illness, which no doctor could seem to diagnose. Today, there is little left to see on most of these accounts, where there are only a few posts visible.

The post NineNews cites as Spears' last, reading, "Garnett the great journeyed onward today at 10.20am." is nowhere to be seen, suggesting that perhaps the accounts have been scrubbed. Lacey's Twitter, however, still remains testament to the magnitude of medical woes Garnett Spears endured:

Even the Twitter account, however, displays nothing newer than 2010, while Garnett was admitted to the hospital for the last time in January of this year. The account does still chronicle some of Spears' own struggle with seizures, headaches, and the search for medical assistance with both.

The blog, 'Garnett's Journey,' only boasts two posts now: one each from 2011 and 2012, with the latter a series of photos and stories about the preceding year. (The post does use the same language as the missing post cited by NineNews, 'journeyed onward,' to refer to the demise of the Spears' family dog, who they appear to have owned for only about 8 months.)

Lacey Spears' son Garnett and pet Owie

Lacey Spears was denied bail at her Tuesday hearing and will return to court on July 2.

[Photo Source: Garnett's Journey Blog]