The other side of the Kevin Kolb trade

I am not ready to call this a bad move, but I will say it is a move the reeks of desperation. The simple fact here is bad teams do bad things that paint themselves into a corner. The Arizona Cardinals made a mistake on QB Matt Leinart. Then they tried to find some stop gap guys in the draft and free agency and that didn’t work out well. So to get a QB they felt comfortable heading into the 2911 season with they had to trade away one of their better players, and a second round draft pick. So there defense loses a valuable member, and they get an unproven guy to lead their offense.

I have no idea if this will fail or not, but in certainly looks like a move that will wind up biting this team. Kevin Kolb came to them at a very high price and then they made a five year 63 million (with 20 million guaranteed) investment in the guy. The main issue I have with this guy is he has played in just 20 NFL games, and even then his stat line is not great. Sure he has completed 60% of his passes, but his 11 TD passes is not that great compared to his 14 INT’s. Basically they just made a move that put them in a position many teams locked out their players to not be in, i.e. overpaying for an unproven commodity.

Sure, Rodgers-Cromartie may have been tough to motivate, but that is what good coaches do. They go out day after day and keep their players motivated. At the end of the day (and I mean today) Rodgers-Cromartie is a more valuable player than Kolb is. That may change, and hopefully in the end this trade will work out for both teams.

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