Horrifying Crash Sends SUV Airborne In A Crash That You Have To See To Believe

SUV slams into truck at full speed, sending it airborne

A horrifying video of a crash on a Kansas highway is quickly spreading across the internet, as an SUV slams into the back of a parked truck at full speed, sending the vehicle airborne and end over end.

Traveling down Interstate 70 in Kansas, a man driving a 2000 Jeep Cherokee was caught on camera veering onto the shoulder and slamming directly into the back of a disabled 2006 Ford F-350 with an attached trailer.

Not appearing to hit the brakes before the collision, the forceful impact sends the SUV airborne before it brutally slams back to the ground, toppling end over end.

According to CNN, Kansas Highway Patrol say that the man was taken to the hospital with injuries, and while no official update has been given on the condition of the man, authorities do not believe his injuries to be life-threatening.

The only silver-lining in this terrible crash is that there was no one inside the Ford F-350. Luckily, the truck had been marked disabled and the owner had left the vehicle there.

Kansas Highway Patrol were aware of the 2000 Jeep Cherokee as the men shooting the video had reported the vehicle for erratic driving prior to the crash, reports KSN.

KHP believe that impairment may have played a factor in the crash.

Do you think this driver was driving impaired? Or do you think there was something else going on that would cause him to veer into the path of this abandoned truck and trailer?

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