The Philadelphia Eagles make a big splash in free agency

The Philadelphia Eagles entered the NFL week of insanity with an extra QB on their roster, and a desire to trade him. They ended up not signing any of their own free agents, trading said QB to the Arizona Cardinals, and than landing the most sought after free agent of 2011. For everyone in Philadelphia, not named Asante Samuel, life is good. The rest of us can look forward to drunken eagles fans loudly proclaiming they have reached the top of the NFL mountain.

For the most part the Eagles have been working on rebuilding their defense in free agency. They did of course sign QB Vince Young to backup Michal Vick, and that is probably a pretty good move. Nobody thought that Mike Kafka was a reasonable backup should Vick wind up getting hurt. They traded QB Kolb for Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie who is a very talented corner who needs a strong coaching staff to keep him motivated. They also picked up a second round pick presumably in next year’s draft.

Then comes today and the bombshell, I had been wondering for days why the Eagles decided to let all of their own free agents leave, and the answer was that they were making a big push for CB Nnamdi Asomugha. He is also a relatively young, extremely talented corner and having the two of them on the same team is just not fair to the other 31 NFL teams. Good luck NFC East opponents throwing down the field against this team.

On top of all that the Eagles went out and signed DE Jason Babin away from the Tennessee Titans. They will also likely now look to trade away Samuel, as he is due to make 5.9 million dollars in 2011. That is not crazy money, but money that could be spent elsewhere.

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