Azealia Banks Wants To Sue T.I. Over Instagram Threat

Azealia Banks Twitter Instagram

Azealia Banks and T.I. recently swapped insults on Instagram and Twitter, an exchange that they may ultimately end with a lawsuit.

Although this writer is sure that some people use social media in a positive manner, these efforts are almost always overshadowed by celebrities and their petty feuds. Such is the case of Azealia Banks, who recently felt the need to toss out a few nasty comments on Twitter. When the object of her ridicule fired back, things really got interesting.

According to the folks over at MTV News, Banks and T.I. aren’t exactly on friendly terms these days. However, Azealia decided to crank things up to 11 by taking a nasty jab at the rapper’s wife on Twitter. She may have deleted the tweet shortly after it arrived, but it hung around long for folks to take notice.

“You want no mediocre, but have you seen your wife?” Banks posted, a not-too-subtle reference to T.I.’s song “No Mediocre” featuring Iggy Azalea.

It didn’t take long before the rapper caught wind of the Azealia’s comment, prompting him to issue a rambling, long-winded response on Instagram. The expletive-laden post lies below. There’s some nasty language featured in the embedded image, so please take note of who’s around before you decide to read this thing aloud. In short: T.I. thinks Banks looks like a gremlin baby, among many other colorful things.

Hollywood Life reports that things quickly escalated on Twitter. All of the posts have since disappeared from the micro-blogging site, but apparently the back and forth got really ugly before T.I. popped off with what Banks felt was a threat against her well-being.

“Come see me n***a. And come by yourself,” he wrote.

Azealia fired back, “Guess who’s about to get sued for threatening me!”

The only comment that remains on Banks’ official feed is one that may or may not have anything to do with her virtual altercation with T.I. Considering the sort of comments getting lobbed around during the height of the fight, it’s safe to say that this tweet was probably directed at her adversary.

What do you think about the fight that took place between Azealia Banks and T.I. on Twitter and Instagram? Do you think she will actually file a lawsuit against her fellow rapper for “threatening” her on social media?

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