Fifty Shades Of Grey: Jamie Dornan’s New Look As Christian Grey [Photo]

Since it was announced that Jamie Dornan would be stepping into the role of Christian Grey in the BDSM novel adaptation Fifty Shades of Grey, information on Dornan’s interpretation has been hard to come by. Fans certainly had strong opinions on whether or not Dornan would be the perfect choice to embody the ridiculously handsome, mysterious, and filthy rich character that had all the soccer moms buzzing about.

Now we have an additional look at what Jamie Dornan looks like as Christian Grey. A film still was just released by Focus Featured, who is behind Fifty Shades of Grey. For all of you doubters and naysayers, Jamie Dornan looks pretty mysterious and steamy, but does he have that hardened look for Christian Grey? See for yourself.

Jamie Dornan

This image might be all the proof director Sam Taylor-Johnson needs to cement herself as the lady with the vision behind E.L. James’ popular franchise Fifty Shades of Grey. For those who aren’t aware, the novel turned film is a twisted and controlling love story set in the deepest of fetishes. Originally based on Twilight fan fiction, the story is about a young virginal naive college student Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson), who comes into her own sexuality with the help of a dark and mysterious billionaire Christian Grey.

This is a pretty funny promotional tactic by Focus Features. Instead of just releasing the image Focus Features realized that they could bring the world of Fifty Shades of Grey to the reader, or in some cases, the ogler. The image of Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey is in celebration of the character’s fictional 31st birthday.

Although fanatics might shake their fingers at us, we didn’t even realize that the character’s birthday was mentioned nevermind that it falls on June 18. Smart move Focus Features.

This is the second image released of Jamie Dornan in the coveted role. The difference between this new photo is that Dornan is up close and center while the poster that was revealed a few months ago was shot at Dornan’s back as he overlooked the scenery from his lavish office. It was more about atmosphere and giving the fans a small tease, this photo like the character is very in your face and bold.

The tweet before the big reveal, which has already been retweeted close to a thousand times, is the celebration of reaching 100 thousand Twitter followers on the Fifty Shades account.

As for what Jamie Dornan thinks of Christian Grey, he told film critic Elvis Mitchell that there are “two sides” to the character. He then corrected himself, “Come to think of it, he has 50. I guess I’m going to be using that line all over the planet in a few months. Shouldn’t waste it.”

Of slipping into Christian Grey’s skin Dornan admitted it wasn’t a seamless transition.

“A lot of that work was done in the gym and with costume. We didn’t talk about particulars of the way he would move. But I’m quite awkward in a suit because I don’t have an opportunity to wear a suit very often, and this is a guy who lives in a suit — the best suit, but when you end up in a suit for 80% of the filming process, you become pretty comfortable with it.”

What do you think of Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey?

[Images via Focus Features]