Dinosaur Skeleton Found In Alaska [Thalattosaur]

This week a 200 million year old fossil skeleton belonging to a Thalattosaur was discovered in Alaska along the shore of a low tide near Tongass National Forest.

According to International Business Times, scientist determined that the skeleton which was submerged in water and rocks is a rare marine creature that last roamed the earth nearly 200 million years ago.

One researcher said of the find:

Scientists are continuing to dig out the rest of the fossils along with finding the skull which may be buried deep into the beach rocks. They were able to dig out two large slabs of rocks with fossils embedded. The slabs were sent to a museum lab in order to chip out the delicate bones in hopes of revealing one of the most complete Thalattosaur skeleton ever discovered.”

Geologist Dr Jim Baichtal revealed to the Daily Mail that the discovery was a complete surprise:

“We were just having our morning coffee out on the outcropping when somebody said, ‘what’s that?”‘

The Thalattosaur, because it is a sea creature is rarely found in decent condition, in many cases only fragments from the creature are discovered.

The skeleton is now at Alaska’s Museum of the North, where rock will be separated from bone in a delicate process.