June 18, 2014
Bear, Alaska Baseball Game Do Not Mix, Video Goes Viral

When a bear's Alaska baseball game intrusion was caught on video, the entire thing managed to go viral... but do not worry, no one was mauled, and neither were any of the kids featured apparently ever in danger. But you know how popular those big bad bears can be.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, although finding a bear sleeping in your hammock may make for a cute video, the dangers posed by a bear attack in your own home or backyard are quite real. One Florida woman found this out the hard way when several black bears dragged her out of her own garage and mauled her. The family came home to find their mother laying bloody inside the house after barely escaping.

Reports say the bear's Alaska baseball game intrusion took place at an American Legion baseball game being played in the city of Juneau. One witness happened to catch the bear sauntering past the outfield at the edge of the woods. While the players were probably a bit nervous at seeing such a large bear intrude on their game, they probably were not too scared since there was a fence protecting them from any real danger.

Other than that, there is not much information available about the incident, although the it's noted that the "baseball field was under a glacier 200 years ago. We are hoping to make it a turf field one day." Gee, global warming manages to find its way even into bear videos.

Still, if you're worried about bear attacks, we also wrote an article on how to survive a bear attack if you're unlucky enough to be confronted:

"If you do walk at night make sure to have a flashlight, and if you're especially worried, stores like Walmart sell bear spray and noise makers. Also, take a buddy along on your night walks.

And this 'buddy' shouldn't just be your dogs. Bears consider them mortal enemies, and they will likely defend themselves against aggressive canines, which will just escalate the situation.

Now if you happen to spot a bear from afar, move away quickly. If you're spotted and it goes up on hind legs, this isn't necessarily an aggressive posture. Stand your ground and speak to it in a firm voice. Start to back off slowly, and if it advances, shout at it, raise your arms, and make yourself appear formidable even though you're quivering in your boots.

But don't play dead! The only time that strategy is recommended is if a startled bear has already pounced on you. In that case, if you play dead the bear 'might' consider the threat to be gone and run away. But if the bear continues to attack the only option is to fight back. Running away isn't really an option since it would consider you prey."

What do you think about the video showing the bear's Alaska baseball game intrusion?