You Say You Want Cute Animals? These 15 Adorable Little Ones Take Cute To A Whole New Level

Jonathan Vankin

Okay, you say you want cute animals, Mr. Internet? Well, we're going to give you cute animals. But be warned, the level of cuteness in this gallery of 15 of the cutest little creatures you will ever see could be hazardous to your health. So proceed with caution.

A serious cute attack could even prove fatal. Consider this a disclaimer. We are not responsible for any consequences of viewing these cute animal pictures.

We know that dogs are cute, and cats are cute. And puppies and kittens are even cuter. You'll find some of each below, but you'll also find a veritable menagerie of cute creatures that will leave in a permanent state of "aawwww."

Ready? Here we go...


What's even cuter is that this Pomeranian puppy won't get much bigger, even fully grown.

Cute animal 1

———— What's more adorable than a panda bear? A baby panda bear, of course.

Cute animal 2


Happy just to be alive and to be a sloth.

Cute animal 3


We give up! Make the cute attack stop! Eight kittens in a box? That's just not fair.

Cute animal 4


A baby piglet eating a tiny ice cream cone. Game over.

Cute animal 5


Slippers, meet flippers.

Cute animal 6


Okay, the eyes are cute, but it's the tongue that's the killer.

Cute animal 7


Someone left a trail of sleepy puppies. Please don't clean it up.

Cute animal 8


Speaking of sleepy puppies...

Cute animal 9


If you ever see a cuter baby platypus, let us know.

Cute animal 10


Even baby skunks are cute.

Cute Animals 11


Smile, baby pig, you've found a comfy place to curl up and be cute.

Cute Animals 12


The shyer they are, the cuter they are.

Cute Animals 13


That is one happy baby seal.

Cute Animals 14


And the coup de grace — a baby bunny taking a bubble bath. You're welcome!

Cute Animals 15

What's the cutest little animal you've ever seen?