Brilliant Marketing Prank Causes Mother To Have Epic Freakout, Her Reaction Is Absolutely Insane

Most mothers love their sons unconditionally, that is until they place over 26,000 bottles of energy drink in their house before they return from vacation and cause them to seriously freak out.

In a brilliant marketing ploy, drink makers Vital Energy provided over 26,000 bottles of their finest beverage to a young man who then decided to line the walls of his parents house from floor to ceiling with it.

According to the video, the boy’s parents had just arrived home after a week of skiing in Colorado.

Coming home on a flight that had been delayed twice, the parents had now been awake for 24 hours and the mother had a meeting with her boss is under six hours.

To top it all off, there was an interior designer scheduled to drop by the next day, all supposedly unknown to the son at the time of the prank.

The mother becomes so enraged at the sight of the clutter that she repeatedly screams for her son to leave, insisting that he was being kicked out of the home and not to come back.

“I can’t take it, I can’t take it, I can’t take,” she screams over and over as she frantically tries to decipher the situation.

The father is a little bit calmer, questioning the possibility that the only reason their son would do something like this is because maybe he was mad at them.

The intensity of the freakout is almost too insane to be real, but after watching it’s clear that this is real and genuine emotion. It’s so real, that you almost feel bad for the parents that they have to deal with such a terrible homecoming.

Take a look at the video and let us know what you would do in the situation if you came home to a prank like this. Would you freak out and kick your son out of the house? Or would you take it all in good fun?