New Guardians Of The Galaxy Trailer Teaches Us The Proper Way To Store A Bomb

Guardians of the Galaxy looks to have enough momentum to be the box office smash of the late summer, and Marvel did its best to keep the ball rolling on Tuesday, releasing a new trailer for the sci-fi action comedy that gives a better look at the heroes, the stakes, and just how well that murderous, talking raccoon comes off on screen anyway.

The new international trailer for Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is a two-minute visual feast that appears to do a good job of letting viewers know exactly what they’ll be getting into later this summer. Since Guardians is a new movie property, the trailer doesn’t hesitate to let you know that it’s from Marvel, the studio that brought you Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, and the Avengers. That out of the way, Marvel moves on to what it’s going to be giving you next:

“I was only a kid when I left Earth,” Chris Pratt says as Star-Lord, leader of the Guardians. And then we’re off.

From there, it’s just under two minutes of spaceships, explosions, more spaceships, prison fights, a few more spaceships, a decapitated, planet-sized space head, and some snappy comedy. Part of that snappy comedy functions to let the viewer know just how different the Guardians of the Galaxy will be from the Avengers. Whereas the Avengers are made up of a billionaire genius, a genius monster, a god, two super-spies, and a national icon, the Guardians of the Galaxy are… well…

“A thief, two thugs, a murderer, and a maniac?” one voice asks in disbelief. Yeah, that about sums up the Guardians.

The best bit: a prolonged snippet of the interaction between Bradley Cooper’s Rocket Raccoon and Pratt’s Star-Lord. We won’t spoil it, but suffice it to say it looks like the theatrical version of Guardians of the Galaxy will come off just as snappy as its comic incarnation.

rocket bares his teeth

And that’s a relief, considering that, before Guardians, the last major Marvel property to hit the big screen with a prominently featured talking animal was… ugh… Howard the Duck.

Marvel is betting that Guardians will be a huge hit, enough to launch the studio into yet another phase, expanding beyond Earth to expose audiences to a galaxy of Marvel imaginings. So far, it looks like Guardians will be a hit, as Newsarama pointed out last week that the Adobe-ADI predictive system says the forthcoming Marvel flick will be a blockbuster.

As The Inquisitr noted earlier this month, early reviews for the flick look quite positive, but there’s also solid buzz surrounding Guardians merchandising. Guardians-licensed toys sold out in their first couple of days of availability on Amazon, and makers of Guardians costumes are expecting a big quarter when Halloween rolls around.

Guardians of the Galaxy will hit some theaters for a midnight showing on Thursday, July 31 before a wider release on August 1.