Horrible Bosses Sequel Could Already Be In The Works

Jennifer Aniston could soon be returning as the evil dentist she portrayed in the dark comedy Horrible Bosses, rumor has it that director Seth Gordon is already thinking about a sequel thanks to the surprise success of the first movie.

When asked by USA TODAY if he was setting up a sequel he simply responded:

“We’re talking about it.”

Spoiler Alert Below:

The movie could see Aniston and Kevin Spacey’s characters come back to the movie, although it will unfortunately be lacking Colin Farrell’s character Bobby Pellitt who met his demise in the first movie, or will it? According to Gordon:

“I feel like it would be a shame [to] not have Bobby Pellitt [back]. Maybe in some sort of dream sequence.”

The dream sequence might be a stretch but I’m sure they can find some new horrible boss they can add to the mix if they really want to give moviegoers a new victim to cheer against.