Crazy Objects That People Have Swallowed and Inserted [Medical Infographic]

It’s amazing what people will swallow and insert into their own bodies. We’ve all heard the gerbil scenario but there are many other objects that have been medically documented.

While I can completely understand how someone could accidentally swallow their own dentures, I have no idea why a cobble stone would be put down someone’s throat or how someone could accidentally ingest part of a Cessna 150 airplane (I’m assuming this was not an accident).

When it comes to inserting objects people have become even more inventive, for example an entire ship in a bottle was inserted inside one unlucky person, while a telephone was found in another person and a pair of glasses was discovered in another.

The list of items that people will eat or insert in their bodies is mind boggling and leaves me with one repeating question in my head, what in the world were they thinking?

Here’s the digesting and insertion infographic of strange items:

Swallowed Objects

Created by: XRay Tech