San Francisco Judge Plans To Remove Circumcision Ban From November Ballot

A circumcision ban proposal was suppose to appear on the November ballot for San Francisco residents but now it appears the medical procedure won’t come down to a vote during the upcoming election cycle with a judge in the city intending to strike the ban before a single vote is cast.

During a tentative ruling on Wednesday Superior Court Judge Loretta Giorgi said that the proposed law to ban circumcision for male children is in violation of a current California law which requires that medical procedure practices be decided at the state level.

The judges order requires that the cities elections director remove the controversial bill from the ballot, although final arguments were to be made on Thursday before the judges ruling is made final.

If the bill is banned from voting it will likely end up at the state level in the near future, although it will most certainly be too late to have the issue added to state ballots for the upcoming cycle as they will require far more support to be considered.