Amazon Scores NBCUniversal Streaming Deal One Week After Signing CBS Deal

Amazon is making huge inroads when it comes to video streaming, last week the company announced that they had struck a deal with CBS to air various shows from the network and today they have announced that a new deal with NBCUniversal adds more than 1,000 movies and TV shows to the company’s video streaming lineup.

Amazon Prime customers will be able to watch movies that include Gosford Park and Babe, while gaining access to a total Prime movie count of approximately 7,000 TV shows and 2,000 movies.

Amazon decided to rebrand their video service under the Amazon Prime moniker in February, through the program customers pay $79 per year for the program which provides not only movies and TV shows but also free two-day shipping on Amazon orders.

The Etailer has also purchased TV app developer PushButton, a move that follows their buyouts of Lovefilm in January. It appears Amazon is making a huge push for the online streaming TV and Movie sector and with Netflix expected to lose customers in Q3 2011 thanks to their price hikes and the separation of movie streaming and DVD-by-Mail services it will be interesting to see how much ground Amazon makes up as a relative late comer to the game.