U.S. fighter pilots are so tough they have anti-freeze in their veins. Really.

We all know that the U.S. Air Force fighter pilots are a pretty tough bunch given all those g-forces they endure but I didn’t realize that they literally have anti-freeze flowing through their veins; but according to a study conducted by the Air Force this is a fact.

At this point it is just the F-22 Raptor pilots that have been found to contain not just anti-freeze in their bloodstream but also oil fumes and propane. Even after a three month long study no-one seems to know why this is happening; and happening specifically to F-22 Raptor pilots.

It appears that the pilots did, in fact, have anti-freeze in their bloodstreams and it was causing problems. That’s it. No word on how it got in there, where it came from, or how to stop it. Just that it’s there. I’m no scientographist, but I imagine it has something to do with piloting an F-22 Raptor. Gizmodo quotes a former pilot as hypothesizing:

There is a lot of nasty stuff getting pumped into the pilots’ bloodstream through what they’re breathing from that OBOGS [On-Board Oxygen Generation System]. That’s fact. How bad it is, what type it is, exactly how much of it, how long – all these things have not been answered.”

via Geekosystem

That bad part of this is that anti-freeze can kill a human being if the dosage is big enough or given over a long period of time.