First Look at Feedalizr 1.1.4

I first wrote about Feedalizr back in May when I suggested that established players Twhirl and Alert Thingy had some serious competition in the FriendFeed desktop app space. Development of Feedalizr hasn’t stopped, and thanks to the folks at Feedalizr I’ve got my hands on the pre-release of the next version, 1.1.4.

The new changes
– Individual user’s streams can now be displayed on separate tabs, meaning you can specifically follow any user in a tab (handy for when FF gets busy)
– Filters adapt to display information relevant to the current tab, for example you can filter via user as well
– Tabs are refreshed when the main page is refreshed.
– Tabs display the 30 most recent posts for a user.
– Flickr integration has been extended to allow taking snapshots with a webcam, and posting directly to flickr.

Also added since I last wrote about the app is built in support for the Google owned short message service Jaiku. Another thing I hadn’t noticed before was mouse over profile support on FriendFeed streams, so you can get links to each users blogs/ streams all from in the Feedalizer app. It even lists the users each person is subscribed to.

I’ve been playing with the release now for some time and I remain just as impressed with Feedalizer as I did when I first reviewed it, but now it has become even more handy. The Feedalizer team have combined good looks with a growing swiss army knife range of features. In built video recording, direct to Flickr photo taking, built in Jaiku support and support for posting to Twitter…it’s all there.

My gripes with Feedalizer are as they were before: the app is still a little fat in terms of width, and I’d like to be able to shrink it down. There’s still no inline support for Twitter, although with support for tabs you’d think that Twitter would be at least easier to implement. Even if you could say pull Twitter out of FriendFeed into a tab…something that would offer that sort of convenience. Overall though, it’s heading in the right direction and is already an appealing package. I don’t have the exact date for this release, but expect to see it in the next couple of weeks. When I find out the date I’ll let people know either here or on FriendFeed.