Former Yankee Hideki Irabu Dead in Suicide at 42

Information is scant right now, but it appears former Yankees pitcher Hideki Irabu has died at the age of 42. Suicide is suspected.

Irabu- who was half-American and half-Japanese, was a major player in late 90’s baseball, but had a difficult time in his personal life after leaving the game. In recent years, he had been arrested after a few incidents involving alcohol:

Irabu has had a troubled post-baseball career. He was arrested in Gardena, California last year for drunk driving. Back in 2008 he was arrested for assaulting a bar manager in Japan after allegedly consuming 20 glasses of beer.

Irabu was also arrested for a DWI-related offense in May of 2010 in California. At this time, the only confirmed information is that Irabu was found dead yesterday at his California home in a suspected suicide.