2011 San Diego Padres mid season review

The San Diego Padres have a 45-59 record, and that places them in last place in the National League West. They find themselves there in large part to a 14-20 record against their four divisional opponents, including a 3-3 record against the upstart Arizona Diamondbacks. They went just 6-9 in interleague play even though they won two of their four series, but a sweep by the Minnesota Twins ruined what could have been a successful season against AL clubs. This is a team that needs a little something and we will look into the numbers to see what that something is.

The Padres offense has scored 360 runs on 818 hits. Those numbers are worst and second worst respectively of the 16 senior circuit clubs. The team batting average is .234 and that is second worst in their league. Obviously offense has been an issue. Padre batters have struck out a NL high 862 times, and drawn 329 free passes. Only two of their regular nine starting fielders have a BA above .300, or nearing that mark.

The Pitching staff has given up 389 runs on 868 hits. That hit total is fifth best among the NL clubs. The staff ERA is 3.25 and that is third best in their league. The pitching staff looks to be getting the job done as they have struck out 718 hitters, and issued 329 walks. Only Aaron Harang is approaching double digit victories, but the starting five have done a pretty good job as the highest ERA there is 4.05. The bullpen has also performed well when called upon.

It looks like the answer here is more offense, and they may have to trade away a pitcher or two, or some of their highly rated prospects to get that kind of deal done. This is a team that has had some success but needs more talent to be a legit contender each season.

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