Why Bury Your Pet When You Can Freeze Dry It

I’ve never understood taxidermy, the process where animals are stuffed and often mounted as trophies, or in the case of some pet owners, as a lasting memorial to their pet, but Perpetual Pet takes the process to new levels.

Perpetual pet will freeze dry your pet as a lasting memorial in a natural state thereafter, without any alteration in appearance.

According to their site:
“This allows pet owners to see, touch and hold their pets, and in a sense, “never have to let go.” Best of all, freeze-dry pet preservation results in the preservation of your pet’s actual, physical body. This is in sharp contrast to the conventional method of taxidermy, in which only the outer hide of the animal typically remains, attached to a plastic form or other type of artificial mounting.”

Prices start at $395 for a pet up to 3lbs.

If it sounds creepy, check out the photos after the jump: