Green Bay Packers Quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, Opens Up About Relationship With Olivia Munn

When it comes to his private life, Aaron Rodgers, the quarterback for the Green Bay Packers, has done a exquisite job keeping it as private as he could. Nezt to nothing is ever leaked out about such juicy tidbits of his personal life, like who he is dating. Everything in the media has always been centered around his professional career.

Now, it seems as if Aaron Rodgers is letting go. The primary reason for lowering his guard: who he is dating now. It is kind of hard to keep one’s private life… well… private if the woman hanging on their arm is Olivia Munn. Yep! Aaron Rodgers has a nice piece of arm candy hooked up to him right now!

For those who are unfamiliar who Olivia Munn is, she is famous for being the host on Attack of the Show! and The Newsroom. She eventually took gigs in both movies and television. Some of her memorable appearances include Chess Roberts in Iron Man 2, and Joanna in Magic Mike. She may not be the top tier of the popular females, but she her looks are more than enough to turn heads. I mean, she’s been on the cover of Playboy and Maxim, and was voted #2 by readers of Maxim‘s list of their hottest women for 2012.

Simply by the facts, there is no way that Aaron Rodgers, one of the most famous NFL players today, and Olivia Munn, one of the most beautiful women today, would escape the prying eyes of the paparazzi if they were to be in a relationship. Maybe that is why Aaron Rodgers is opening up. He knows he can’t keep this private, so the next best thing to do is to bring the truth out there to the people. According to Yahoo Sports, Aaron Rodgers made his peace with the curiosity of fans in an interview with Jason Wilde of ESPN Milwaukee, in which he stated:

“For one, I’m real happy in my relationship and I understand what comes with it. And two, the last couple years I’ve learned a lot about perspective and what’s important. And, that you cannot, when you’ve had success individually and collectively as a team and you are highlighted for the things you’ve done on the field and off the field, you cannot hide from the spotlight. You have to learn to embrace it.”

Good for Aaron Rodgers! I am sure if he could keep his personal life private, he would, even if it is with someone as gorgeous and famous as Olivia Munn. It is simply the iconoclastic society we live in that idolizes our sports heroes, supermodels, and movie/television stars along with whatever they are doing. The curiosities of gossip caught up with Aaron Rodgers when TMZ reported a picture of him and Olivia Munn kissing.

Olivia Munn Aaron Rodgers

The Inquisitr originally reported Aaron Rodgers dating Olivia Munn last month. Until now, only pictures can be seen of them together, plus the one above of them kissing. The new relationship comes after reports of Aaron Rodgers dating Jessica Szhor. And before Jessica, there was that time he went bowling with Taylor Swift. Nevertheless, if this is the relationship for Aaron Rodgers, he won’t have to worry about all those gay rumors anymore.

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