’22 Jump Street’ Meets And Surpasses Expectations

“22 Jump Street” just came out in theaters and many critics agree that it met and surpassed the expectations set by the prequel.

“22 Jump Street” is the sequel to the blockbuster comedy from 2012 “21 Jump Street.” The prequel had movie-goer’s sides hurting from laughter. This new edition had subtle references to the old movie without hurting the new humor.

The prequel, “21 Jump Street” involved 2 cops, Schmidt who was played by Jonah Hill and Jenko who was played by Channing Tatum. The movie followed these two around as they infiltrated a high school looking for the creator of a new drug.

“21 Jump Street” involved action packed firefights, side splitting comedy, and was a good movie all around. It’s sequel “22 Jump Street” is said to be “Damn funny, sometimes outrageously so,” by Rolling Stone’s Peter Travers.

In “22 Jump Street”, it follows Schmidt and Jenko again, but this time they go to college instead of high school. It follows nearly the same basic plot as they go to college to bust a drug ring again. All the humor in this movie is extremely self aware of the movie before it. Fortunately, you did not have to ese the first one to be able to understand what was going on with the second one.

Of course, some of the jokes within the movie refer back to the first movie so unless you’ve watched it you won’t get some of the subtle humor. But most of it is mainly new and will make you laugh no matter what.

The movie recieved many positive reviews from critics, Manohla Dargis said that “22 Jump Street”, “still tickles a comedy sweet spot partly because both actors are naturally likable and seem to be having a good time.”

The movie had some awkward jokes that came along with it as well. Village Voice critic Stephanie Zacharek says:

numerous homoerotic references to this fading friendship, but only in a ‘Totally yankin’ your chain, bro!’ way, It’s there that ’22 Jump Street’ wobbles off the rails…. The recurring ‘gay, not-gay’ jokes are neither particularly funny nor insightful, and they push the movie slightly out of whack…. (But) ’22 Jump Street’ isn’t uncharitable or mean-spirited; at worst, it’s just confused.

While the movie had these awkward moments in them, it is still predicted to do well in the box office. Usually movie sequels are a lot worse than he first movie int eh series, but “22 Jump Street” managed to disprove this myth.