St. Louis Rams Going After Sidney Rice [Free Agency Rumor]

The St. Louis Rams and second-year quarterback Sam Bradford are in desperate need of a No. 1 wide receiver and rumors are circulating that the team is now going after free agent Sidney Rice.

The rumor was started when John Clayton announced on ESPN SportsCenter that the team was one of several examining the wide receiver, the Seattle Seahawks are also said to be in pursuit of Rice.

The move would make sense for whatever team picks up Rice after he emerged in 2009 as the starter for the Minnesota Vikings with 83 catches and 1,312 yards with eight touchdowns, then after missing the playoffs and 10 games with an injury he emerged once again in six games with 17 catches, 280 yards and a 16.5 yard per catch average with a pair of TDs.

According to the The Turf Show Times

Be advised that this does not mean the Rams will sign Rice. Not at all. In fact, in could be a tool to drive up his price for the Seahawks…maybe enough to shake Brandon Mebane loose by forcing them to spend all their money on Rice. That’s almost more Machiavellian than I can imagine though…and not a guarantee to work. Just talk.

Do you think Rice would be a good selection for the Rams or should he land elsewhere?