Missing Mans Body Found In Bank Chimney, Disappeared in 1984

In 1984 Joseph Schexnider vanished off the face of the earth and despite their best efforts his Louisiana family was never able to find him, that is until this year when his body was discovered inside the chimney of a bank.

The historic banking location was being renovated when construction workers discovered his remains in May, while his identity wasn’t revealed until recently through the use of forensics, he was just 22-years-old when he disappeared.

Investigators say the cause of death was likely attributed to dehydration and starvation.

Schexnider was reported missing when he failed to appear in court for a hearing regarding the possession of a stolen vehicle.

Investigators say he was only found with gloves and a cigarette lighter and no evidence that he was planning to steal from the bank, although being lodged in the chimney is probably a pretty good indicator for what he had planned.

I’d be curious to know why he didn’t scream until someone heard him, unfortunately not enough details have been made available at this time to determine his full situation.