The Story of ‘Toothless’ Was Already A Tear-Jerker, But The Ending — Too Beautiful And Sad For Words

The story of “Toothless” Rooster Cogburn, a beautiful Shetland Sheepdog that only wanted a home, is the type of tear-jerker that the internet was invented for. This is one of those stories that shows how animals can be both inspirational and heartbreaking, and how the love we give them, and that they give back, is its own reward.

Cody Leightenheimer, the good-hearted man who, with his family, adopted Toothless, tells the story far better than we ever could here. All we can add is that you have to brace yourself for the ending, which makes this already emotional account even deeper and more powerful — when we realize just how Toothless returned the incredible gift that Cody and his family gave to him.

No animal should have to endure the conditions that Toothless suffered before wandering into Cody’s life. That the little dog could remain loving, trusting and desiring nothing more than a good home and family is a true testament to the power of pure hope and optimism.

Here is how Cody tells the tale of Toothless.

Toothless 1

Toothless 1b

Toothless 2

Toothless 3

Toothless 4

Toothless 5

Toothless 6

Toothless 7

Toothless 8

Toothless 9

Toothless 10

Toothless 11

Toothless 12

Toothless 13

Toothless 14

Toothless 15

Toothless 16

Toothless 17

Here’s to you, Toothless! And to Cody Leightenheimer for sharing this meaningful story.