Luke Bryan Gets A Surprise From His Label Boss

Luke Bryan cannot be stopped, but he can be surprised. Ever since his first album was released in 2007 his popularity has done nothing but skyrocket. He recently took some time to celebrate his most recent career achievements in Nashville which included four back-to-back number ones, and the fact that Crash My Party was recently certified double platinum.

What Bryan didn’t know was that his label boss, UMG Nashville Chairman & CEO Mike Dungan, had something else waiting for him that brought Bryan back to his early days as an aspiring country singer.

The surprise was the sign from an old bar near where Bryan grew up called Skinner Brothers, according to It was the place where he got his start playing for an audience on the weekends. The bar has since closed down, and the sign had a very stressed look to it.

Taking people in attendance on a trip down memory lane, he talked about his history with the place:

“There was an old fellow named Charlie Skinner. And when I was about 16 or 17, Charlie ran just a raunchy old place. Miller Lite, Bud Lite, Budweiser — those were the beers you could have. Anything you want as long as it was those three. It was just an old perfect little dive. My dad and I would ride up on Friday nights, and there’d be some boys just playing ‘Old Habits’ on the guitar and old Merle (Haggard) songs.”

Since then, he’s done very well, especially with Crash My Party. In addition to going double platinum, reports that Bryan’s last four singles from that album have been doing more than stellar by themselves. The first number one was the title track which spent three weeks on top, then “That’s My Kind of Night” took the top spot for three weeks in addition to going double platinum, “Drink A Beer” went number one and double platinum, and “Play It Again” is currently in its fourth week at the top spot and has already reached platinum status. The last single by a solo artist to hold the top spot for four weeks was “Honey Bee” by Luke Bryan’s buddy, Blake Shelton in 2011.

Even though the bar has closed down, says that Bryan hinted at a possible new business venture.

“They closed it up,” he told the audience. “But we might have to open it back up now.”

Right now Luke Bryan is headlining his That’s My Kind Of Night Tour and his new single, “Roller Coaster,” is climbing the charts, according to

[Image via Melanies_clicks]