December 25, 2017
'Now And Then' May Live On As A Television Series

Now and Then is just one of several films in the 90s that rose to cult status. This film is particularly special because it focuses on a coming of age story about young pre-teen girls dealing with the otherwise taboo nature of death, sex, and first loves.

An honest telling of what it was like for young girls to grow up in the 70s, Now and Then may find a home in the form of a television show. Now that the kids from the 90s are having children of their own, this invites the possibility of a new audience discovering and loving Now and Then.

According to a Reddit AMA with the film's writer Marlene King, there is a plan in order to turn the 1995 film starring Christina Ricci, Gaby Hoffman, Thora Birch, and the late Ashleigh Aston Moore, into a television series. This isn't a shocker seeing as King has a deal at ABC Family and is currently the show runner behind the very successful Pretty Little Liars.

When asked if Now and Then the sequel would happen, King redirected the question and revealed that the film might be coming to the small screen:

"We're talking about it. We're talking about Now & Then the TV series. ABC family has shown a little bit of interest in that, so we're still talking about that. People tweet about this to me all the time, they'll even send me photos of themselves watching the movie on a sunday afternoon."

This isn't the first time King opened up about her plan to revisit Now and Then, but this is definitely the first time she talked about the possibility of turning the film into a TV series. Back in 2012, she told MTV News that she had plans to reboot the film for a new generation. Back then she spoke about the characters:

"It's definitely the same characters, but it won't be the same time period. It will be like if the adults were 40 now and the girls were teenagers. We'll probably pick it up when the girls are 16, but it will be in the 1980s as opposed to the '70s because that's sort of the 'then' of our current 'now."

There's no word on what the original cast members think, but it would be amusing to see Christina Ricci, Gaby Hoffman, and Thora Birch play the adult versions of the characters they played all those years ago.

[Image via New Line Cinema]