Pig Revolution! Watch This Courageous Pig Leap To Freedom From A Slaughterhouse Truck

Pigs are intelligent animals — highly intelligent. In some studies they have been shown to be as smart as chimpanzees, and they are definitely more intelligent than cats or dogs. In fact, the trait most associated with pigs, their dirtiness, is actually a sign of their intelligence.

Pigs lack sweat glands, so in order to keep their body temperature low, they cleverly seek out cool substances — mud for example — and roll in them.

Pigs are also among the animals most genetically similar to human beings. But despite that pigs are our close genetic cousins, extremely intelligent and sensitive, we slaughter them and eat them by the millions.

Well, not all of us. Two of the world’s three major religions forbid the consumption of meat from pigs. Judaism and Islam both prohibit the eating of pork, as do certain Christian sects, such as the Seventh Day Adventists.

Nonetheless, in Western society where pigs are mass produced like any other product, generally subjected to insufferable conditions leading up their slaughter then eaten.

But the pig in this video was smart enough to see what was coming. And what is truly amazing, is that this pig who escapes a truck bound for the slaughterhouse is the second reported pig escape in a week. Earlier, a pig was filmed leaping off a slaughterhouse truck in Southern China. Sadly, that pig was recaptured and put back on the truck.

But watch this video, and you’ll see the risks that one pig is willing to take in order to hang on to precious life. How many humans, let’s be honest, would dare to leap almost 10 feet straight down to the asphalt off a moving truck even if their life did depend on it?

But this pig has a will to live and be free that we can all admire. There has been no word on what happened to this pig after its courageous leap of faith.