‘Girls’ Star Lena Dunham Performs Sia’s ‘Chandelier’ [Video]

It’s not enough that Lena Dunham is gearing up to release her first memoir, or that the wunderkind has her own show on HBO. Dunham, the tirelessly creative 20-something has turned to performance art for a very special appearance on television. For some reason this kind of seems like something that she would do, but it’s still a little bit of a head scratcher given the content of the performance art.

The performance art in question is a reimagining of Sia’s music video for her top 40 hit single “Chandelier.” The song heavily documents Sia’s battle with alcoholism, which isn’t a rare subject when it comes to songs, but when you consider the electro-pop sound of the song and the fact that it’s all expressed through an emotional dance performance by Dance Mom’s 11-year-old Maddie Ziegler, and you have a viral hit.

When the music video was released the performance was recognized by countless culture blogs and parenting blogs, the latter fought about whether it was appropriate or not for Maddie to be dressed in a nude skin tight leotard as she portrayed the angel and devil tug of war that rages inside of an alcoholic’s mind. Among those who found the song and music video captivating was apparently Lena Dunham. To honor Sia’s expression Dunham decided to take part in televised performance art piece for her version of the radio hit “Chandelier.”

Dunham took to the stage of Late Night With Seth Meyers to give a frenetic performance of the track as Sia provided vocals. The performance follows in suit to the recent appearance Sia made on The Ellen DeGeneres show, which featured the shy artist with her back facing the audience as she sang while Maddie performed the song in a makeshift bedroom.

For Late Night With Seth Meyers Dunham took Maddie’s place and the end result left a few people confused or amused — we really can’t tell which. The audience was not aware that Dunham was going to be on the show let alone perform the song in a full on platinum blonde wig and wardrobe.

During the performance instead of singing in a corner of a room, Sia sings into a pillow as Lena Dunham does her best to pull faces and acts more or less like a mime. Also at one point she plays with toilet paper for no reason at all. If you squint your eyes this performance would look like a sketch performed by one of the players on Saturday Night Live.

[Image via NBC]