These Not-So-Subtle Yet Oft Neglected Signs Of Depression Are Early Warning Signs

As is common knowledge, depression affects nearly everyone at some point in their lives. Moreover, there are multiple levels of depression ranging from deep depression to intermittent bouts of mild depression. However, the most direly needed steps for this common ailment are correct diagnosis and early detection.

Though the signs of a deep set depression are quite evident, there are often not-so-subtle signs that are neglected even by the patients as temporary mood swings. These are signs that clearly indicate that depression is actively plotting its insidious return. Depression can be easily described as a downward spiral in self-esteem or extreme reduction of an otherwise active lifestyle. It is important to watch out for these depression signs and once evident, it is vital to prepare yourself for the next potentially heavy onset of depression.

Most common signs of depression that are oft quoted are feeling tired for no reason; anhedonia, or inability to experience pleasure; too much or not enough sleep; crying; thoughts of death or suicide; trouble concentrating; weight changes; and feelings of guilt and worthlessness, reports Rewire Me. As vital as these are, there are other depression signs.

Unable to take or offer compliments: Compliments trigger happy emotions that are in direct contrast with depression and hence they disrupt a depressed person’s low self-esteem. So the compliment is either rejected or taken with a grain of salt.

Stacking up of mail, bills or a cluttered or disorganized bedroom or workspace: Though a cluttered bedroom on its own, isn’t a sign of depression, couple this with stacked bills that are being ignored along with mail, can surely indicate avoidance of contact with the real world or tackling everyday issues.

One of the easiest signs of spotting depression is withdrawal from social situations. In the same context, people often find it difficult to take simple decisions and hence mundane matters pile-up.

Complaints, grumblings and nitpicking: Constant complaining about work or social partners, grumbling about petty matters and even nitpicking are not-so-subtle signs of depression. Instead of avoiding confrontation, it is important for companions to calmly seek clarity about the botherations.

General neglect or apathy about self: Early signs of depression include neglecting personal hygiene or general lack of self-care. Letting old nail-polish chip away by itself, using quick clean products more often or wearing the same clothes (jeans) unwashed, for more than week, suggest onset of depression.

Essentially, microscope signs of fatigue, sadness and neglect, coupled with cynicism continually hint at the onset of depression, reports Weather. More often than not, depression creeps into the lives with no visible markers or clear announcements. But these signs can help you prepare yourself better and quickly climb out of depression.

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